Leaving things behind – Last Week

Isn’t this strange that at one time in your life you have to leave all things behind and need to move ahead.  People you live with the most in your past disappears in your present and so from future but we human beings declare that particular part in just one phrase which is Change is law of nature” . Everyone in this beautiful world have gone through this phase in their lives but the difference is someone move easily someone takes their time to get out of that. 

You know there is a fact leaving your old clothes , accessories and other stuff seems to be very easy and excited as we all want to gear up with new trends but leaving dear ones you love the most is a difficult journey we opt for sometimes.

Some people Quote “Something good is waiting on your way if you take out yourself from old shit” but we all have that fear of loosing all joy and moments we had long time back, and we all human being start hunting the same fun in our future. That hunger for living the same kind of life continue till we don’t get satisfied

In short summary and accepting lemons we need to move forward just like a train: “If one train goes we will get another one” but we don’t have to run behind those trains as may be another train takes you to the best destination rather than you were looking for.

Concluding this , Leaving things behind is just like a cycle which rotates till we are alive, we have to repeat this cycle until we expect things and we live this life with all grudges , regrets , passions and all. Every cycle gives us a different experience as well as everyone improve their speed after each cycle.


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