That Hunger for Love in Every Human Being

We all look for the perfect love around us. Love is not defined it is a simple feeling which comes in many forms be it is mother love, father love, sister love, brother love, bff love or may be your partner love. We all are hungry all the time for that love.

We meet numerous people in our life, we involved with them, we love them in different ways and every relation has different place in our life, sometime we want more love from one relation and more than that from anyone else you know that different kind of love from different people but we want that love because nobody wants to get hate but obvious.

And And when this love doesn’t fulfill your hunger then we people comes to an idiotic question “WHY”, Our “WHY’s” never comes to an end until situations doesn’t fall according to us. We keep digging and adding on more WHY’s to our life.

If this hunger doesn’t ends up with one relation we look for that hunger in any other relation. This hunger never finishes up, it increase with the passage of time. Hunger to be with your loved one for whole life, hunger to be loved from your loved one and love them back.

But we need to deal with this hunger , hope you heard this “True love always come back to you if it is yours” so never lose hope and try harder to get it back as everything needs second chance but dun overeat because it is not good for health , give a breakdown to your hunger and stop overeating. And have a new dish in your plate.  Because there are many other people who are hungry for your love!

It is always good  to have a new dish in your plate if your old one is not available because sometimes new dish is better than your old one or maybe you can say just new appearance to the old one with more ingredients. We have to modify our diet today or tomorrow so keep moving because you dun have any other choice. STAY HUNGRY AND KEEP LOOKING!


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