In-Laws Always Make a Difference !

Marriage is a most important step in anyone’s life , every single individual think this is  a necessary part of life ! To have your better half who will support you through out your life but nobody give a single thought that it is not only about two people , it is about complete family instead I would say it is about two families , two different cultures , two different thoughts , two different rituals. What people think when they get married oh my god I am getting married bullshit all these ! Nowadays it is just a agreement between boy and girl family ! Let’s have a discussion through a scenario:

Daughter’s Father : I Don’t know who will marry my daughter

Another person: How much you can spend , tell us your budget ?

Daughter’s Father: See, I can spend 15-20 lakhs for on my daughter , I just want guy to be perfect , family should be of our cast and religion else i will not be able to face society !

Another person : No problem sir , I have guy who is earning 8 lakhs a year , his family is good and the best thing is his family belongs to our religion.

Daughter’s Father: Let’s proceed further !

Son’s Parent’s : Our Son you know our son works in a MNC we need a girl with good status , he has struggled so much to reach there and we have spend a lot on him to get at least a good daughter-in-law , we don’t need anything see but if her father will give her anything then it won’t be a problem for us. 

Another person : No problem ! They can spend 15-20 lakhs 

Son’s Parent’s : Let’s proceed further then , what her father do , what her mother do ? How much they earn ! We should have BREAKDOWN for marriage you know ! 

Daughter’s Parent’s : We will give you this much these functions , this much gold we will give to our daughter, these are the clothes , these are  the other stuff we will give to our daughter.

Son’s Parents’s : Ohh , that’s your wish , we don’t need anything from you ! Even our son work in good MNC so he don’t need anything , he can manage everything. Further , she is like a daughter to us , our one daughter has left another is coming. But but but as just like in literature a single alphabet makes a big difference similarly a daughter and daughter-in-law has vast difference. Here it is about complete relation not single phrase. We don’t need anything from her just to wear heavy saree’s , gold to show how much girls father has given , a sindoor , some rituals to follow from girls parent side , to take care of their son , to listen some taunts from our end so that we can maintain a elder decorum, to touch everybody’s feet , to follow us not to follow you after marriage , to disconnect from your end so that she can be ours , to love us and our family only , to get ready so that everybody can see that we have the best show piece in the market, to take permission before going to anywhere as we care for her , to take calls according to us, to meet you according to our requirements, to follow our rituals and leave behind her childhood memories as well as rituals she used to follow because she is will be our property in future ! Copyrights to us only not to you people! 

People have theory that there is no difference so why can’t people implement the similar things on their daughter too because they are your daughter  ! A thought to yourself is this relationship we are making or we are planning a business deal for the maintenance of a boy’s family and if you talk about society there are numerous people live in this society who even don’t care what you are upto ! Grow up people , you are ruining life’s just for the sake of society !

“Daughter is the best thing that can happen to any parents so is daughter-in-law”

(This is not about respect women, daughter, girl, this is only about respect your daughter-in-law) 



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