Life is Unpredictable: Live it to the fullest!

I thought to give a chance to myself for writing something about this “life” for someone it is only a phrase and for someone it is a one chance to explore this world, well heard this title from one of my friend In college, she placed this title on her FB profile and that time I was looking what exactly she want to convey, finally I got to know about life in description not that much but yes from all experience gathered!

Life is actually unpredictable, we are not aware what’s going to happen at very next moment! This though come up in every individual thought but we are so busy with our lives that we don’t think twice about this!

How Life is so undefined have you ever thought that , at one moment you  are drinking a cup of coffee in CCD Chandigarh and at very next moment you are attending a seminar in US , hahhaha that actually define properly about the life !

There are some moments in life when you feel that you are just a looser, you are weak creature, and you can’t do anything! There are some moments in your life when you feel good and happy, that is life dude!

Sometimes it happen when everything inside you, including heart and soul, is empty. Actually it is not empty but it is only pain and desperation left in those places.  Desperation of getting your check list, desperation of love to get things done according to your choice!

Every individual has question in their mind why this is happening to me, why every negative thing happen to me, why everything comes in my way! This is the time you feel to end everything but you know what , you born as HUMAN BEING which is the biggest fact if you think so , that is why we say life is not predictable !

Just give yourself a chance again, leave everything whether it is your phone or any electronic device because now it is between you and you, no one else can come in between!

Rely on your feet’s this time rather your actions! Move out of everything and meet yourself, be alone and listen to yourself, LISTEN to yourself mean only yourself! You will be able to meet a new person with bundle of thoughts!  In this situation it will not be your brain, hopes, dreams, and some other version of you talking to you. And no, there are no ghosts or spirits or angels talking to you that second. It will be you only, you will hear a voice that will be the REAL YOU! You will analyse or get a question to yourself that where I have done wrong and where I am moving! All of sudden thought of ending up everything will change automatically and you will meet a new you!

Life is full of surprises, sorrow and happiness are part of this life!  You don’t need to give a though to end up everything!  Be a traveler, explore this world there are many things apart from this love life and other things which are coming in your way! Make your own way and walk on that path rather giving someone else that authority to control your life!



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