Social Networking – Regular Sugar & BP Checkup

Last week when I create this title without giving a single thought that what would I write in this blog and I started Googling and found nothing and when I deeply observed things I found content around me , it is social networking dude ! There is no single individual who are not aware bout this phrase or word. Social Networking Platforms have become a regular blood pressure and sugar checkup for people whether you will say it is 80 years aunt or 2 Yrs kid , everyone want to know about this new trend in the life market !

Have you every give a minute to the thought that is social networking a boon or bane ? When these platforms initialized it obviously  a boon for the people who are not connected to their dear ones since long time , technology give human being an opportunity to connect easily at anytime and from  anywhere but youth made it bane for human being life !  

Have you heard in your life from your mother “Beta Padai pe dhayn do (Hey , concentrate on your studies ?)” or something like “sara din is phone mai hi ghuse rha karo ( keep yourself busy this phone whole day) AND there are many  other popular quotes which are said by all mothers these days. I was looking for a Chat section for my this blog and I analyzed I am in the same situation 😛 even every single youth is in same situation.

Are you looking for question that how social networking is regular checkup ? Let me start with a scenario that every next individual used to do :

“Wake up at 7 in the morning : Check FB , Whatspp, Twitter, Insta all done Sleep again”

“Wake up at 9 in the morning : Check FB , Whatspp, Twitter, Insta all done “

Eating breakfast : Scrolling down through FB wall , texting on whatsapp

…………………………….. continues till dinner

Sleeping at 9 : Not at all , online till 1 (scrolling down through FB wall)

Wake up at 3 in morning :   Check FB , Whatspp, Twitter, Insta all done Sleep again”

This is repeated loop which repeats itself without any return , break ! Youth don’t leave their phones in any conditions , some of them take their phones in loo to chat and I only remind one song for them :

“Bhatke Panchi bhool na jana , yeh jagh tera nai thikana ” 😛 😀

Only motive to write this blog is to acknowledge youth that loo is not only the place where you can spent hours scrolling your FB wall , there are many other things which you need to explore rather than your loo ! There are many other thing rather than these social platforms which you can scroll down through out your life. Just make checklist of your dreams rather then checking what others are doing in their life , just count your goals rather than counting number of friends in your account , just explore your like and dislikes rather than liking others life , just make a comment on your actions rather than commenting whole day on others life ! I am not saying disconnect yourself from all these ,heard about the quote “excess use of everything is very bad” ! Don’t include yourself in this category !

“Life is beautiful live it to the fullest till it doesn’t give you any reason to regret” 



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