A new Heartbreak – Relationship Over Friendship

Friendship- there is a different definitions for friendship for every single person. Some of the person take this word casually, some take it as a need or necessity of life, some consider it as daily needs and requirements, for some it is time pass, for some it is fun but there are few people or you can say unique or defective pieces who consider this normal word FRIENDSHIP as their whole world. For these few people their whole world rotates around only this particular phrase. It is kind of other RELATIONSHIP which every single person face have in their life, the difference is “all about priorities”.

There are some times in everyone’s life when their so called RELATIONSHIP takes over your beautiful, worth full ,cheerful, joyful FRIENDSHIP and that is the most worst phase for every friendship. Yes, Of course! Confused? Not at all…I know while reading you will definitely imagine your situation because everyone has gone through it. Let’s have your type conversation which you all have done with any or other person:

Friend-1: Hey! Wassup ?
Friend-2(excited): Hey ! How R U?
Friend-1(more excited): I am fine! Perfect! U tell!
Friend-2(super excited): Yar…u know what..have u seen his/her GF? Are you aware of new relationship in college?
Friend-1: Yar…yeh chord ! you know how he/she was looking..!

and BLAH ! BLAH ! BLAH ! (Conversation has no end)……………..

This particular conersation continues for more than an hour or it can be more than that !

This was an interesting and endless chat that two friends used to have after college or at any time of the day! This is just common for every single person. AND AND AND Suddenly when one of them get committed that basically mean when they get their so called DIGITAL RELATIONSHIP..life suddenly change. See below how above conversation takes another path:

Friend-1: Hey! Wassup?
Friend-2: Nuthing much u tell? Hows all going on?
Friend-1: Yar ! Nuthing much life is going on….
Friend-2: U know what he/she gave me gift today..and we spent a lot of time together…and and we are again meeting on this date at this time..further I expect something on my B’day too ! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰
Friend-1: okay Okay ! That’s great Yar ! So, enjoying??
Friend-2: Yar he/she is too good na ! we have so much in similar! BLAH BLAH…AND be on HOLD he/she is callin….
Friend-1 (inside feeling: What! Seriously?): Okay !
Friend-2: After 5 min call disconnected..!
Friend-1: …………………………….Go to hell(in thoughts).

Here is the new heartbreak Relationship over Frienship come in two besties life “MERSE JYAADA WO IMP HO GAYE AB” πŸ˜€

AND AND the song twists in mind “DOST DOST NA RHA PYAAR PYAAR NA RHA ! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

I know I know how you guys are feeling..! Happend with u?Ofcourse, I know how it feels when there is some little difference between two besties or you can say best friends forever. Its is not about not being in relationship it is only about the priorities & places. Here comes the phrase insecurity in between. Every single person has priorities in their life whether it is of frienship or it can be relationship. But But Frienship is something long term relationship as compared to this so called DIGITAL RELATIONSHIP.

Ending this, not saying dont be in relationship be in dis beautiful relationship but give your incredible FRIENDSHIP a different place so that they don’t collaborate.



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